performing agora

23-24 June 2021

International Online Symposium organised by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Performative Arts (Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK), the Department of Theatre Studies of the University of the Peloponnese (Greece), and the Department of Arts and Design at Staffordshire University (UK).


Performance is an action carried out by a participant on a given occasion which serves to influence in any way in any of the other participants (E. Goffman, 1956)

The agora was the heart of the ancient Greek polis and served as a meeting ground for the political, commercial, administrative, religious and social activities of the citizens. Inspired by this multipurpose public space which was the centre of community life, Performing Agora aims to articulate the different perspectives of studies that deal with performance in the contemporary Agora, how the community expresses itself in space through performance and how space accommodates or influences that expression.  

The ancient agora was generated through the relationships between performance and human space, an exceptional place where the community expressed itself in space through performance and a place that accommodated and, at the same time, influenced that expression. The settings, commercial or work centres, means of transport, political or religious centres, the sacred or cultural space, and of course the virtual space, etc., that is, the contemporary Agora has been generated in the same way, through of the relationships between performance and physical or virtual human space

We invite researchers and practitioners from different disciplines who are leading any reflections on Agora: as a location for performativity, community and performance seen through relational analysis, a way of performance making that creates that meeting between the audience and theatrical event, the built environment, etc., to participate in the discussion of what Agora means now from a multidisciplinary perspective, – artistic, architectural, theatrical, dance, anthropological, archaeological, historical, landscape, urban planning, cognitive perspective, etc.


Dr. Pablo Berzal 

Dr. Maria Sanchez | Staffordshire University

Prof. Aleksandar Dundjerovic | Centre for Interdisciplinary Performative Arts | Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (UK)

Assistant Prof. Maria Mikedaki | Department of Theatre Studies | University of Peloponnese (Greece)

Dr. Christina Zoniou |Tenured specialised faculty member, Field: acting | University of Peloponnese (Greece)